You’re gonna miss me by my talk..

You’re gonna miss me by my walk oh…

Lately my housemate and I have been playing with my lead crystal cups that I don’t drink out of anymore by doing the cup game to the song done by Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect.  It’s a catchy tune, and sticks in my head often.  You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone…

On another note, I’m not sure how good I feel on this increased dose.  I’ve been fairly up and down, experiencing bouts of tiredness and depression especially during meals, as well as stomach anxiety.  I’m wondering how it will go if I stick it out a bit longer.  The body is a tricky and complex thing, and nobody really knows what is exactly going on in there.

It’s hard for me to write blog posts on new public blogs.  The blog doesn’t have a character of its own yet nor a direction nor a soul.   Sigh…  Now what.  I wonder what it feels like to have to write for a living, to have to produce content on a regular basis.  I used to write down funny happenings during the day so I could use it as fuel to blog about later, but of course those topics were mainly of interest to me and my circle of friends.  These days, when I open a text-box to write, I often come without words, but only with a gentle ache to write.  The kind of ache you feel when you want to sleep but you’re fighting it, or you want to cry but you’re holding back the tears.  If I pour out my soul, would it ever be possible for me to have nothing left to pour?  I suppose I may begin to sound like a broken record, or maybe there is an almost endless depth that only my dear Lord would know and dare to traverse if I only let Him.

My eyes are feeling quite heavy so I think I may find myself in napping position soon.

Hello, world.


2 thoughts on “You’re gonna miss me by my talk..”

  1. You would be the kind to fangirl all over pitch perfect. Also don’t worry about “not having any soul left” if you pour it out here. If you worry like that you’ll never write anything legit here.

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