I’m not sure I get how people find me on WordPress, but I guess there’s something to marketing that I don’t know about and didn’t learn in my summers of following people on Twitter.. Am I not supposed to admit those kinds of things?  Gulp.  It must be the tags!

Received a warm welcome back in the city today.  Lots of new things to learn, which is both overwhelming and stimulating at the same time.  I’m pretty happy when certain people decide to ask me for my opinion on a process and we hash it out together, bouncing ideas back and forth and thinking up different scenarios.  It makes me feel like I actually have a brain and I can use it for something in a team.  Who knows, maybe there’s a title for that, what, professional side-kick?  Can I?

C’s expressions have grown since the last time I saw him.  It’s funny how much children change in such a short timeframe.  And they say the cutest things!  “I want to live with Esther!”  Yeah, C is such a self-esteem booster 😛

The problem with public blogs is I’m like, wait, am I allowed to post about this?  It feels like I’m taking street photography without anyone knowing.

And then I end up having nothing to say, yet again!

Pdoc told me to focus on school and running.  Seems like people keep telling me, one thing at a time.  Yes, okay, one thing at a time, because there are a million things I want to do.  I even picked up a few novels from J&S who are moving, and another novel from L&S, who are also moving.  My book list is inevitably long and every time I have an ADD or spontaneous (depending how you want to look at it) moment and walk into a bookstore on my way home, it gets even longer.  I think the next book I want to read is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time since it would actually be relevant to my speech therapy studies.  Pdoc seems to think I should spend some time working in an office before plunging.  I actually just want to plunge.  I’m not sure why.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired of dipping my toes into different bodies of water and getting prune-y skin, or if it’s because I’m confident that I will like it and feel like I don’t need to try it out.

Gosh, this new blog thing is currently anxiety inducing.

Ok, so goals in the upcoming days.

Immediate goals:

1) Pack/Move/Live– find a dining table and dining chairs for our new place, decorate :D, learn to parallel park, find out if I need a parking permit.

Wow, that’s a lot already…

Maybe my anxiety has to do with taking the plunge, more than this public blog thing.  Nah, it’s hard to say.  Maybe I have stage-fright.


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