“The stronger a person is, the more problems he will give you if you love him– and Jesus is the strongest Person. A Bible does not cause problems because it has no personality; it is not a person…Though we say we love Jesus, and we really mean it, we have a real problem: we are loving the strongest Person with the strongest personality.” (Life & Building as Portrayed in the Song of Songs, Chapter 3)

Well, that makes two of us.  Worst fear:  Ending up very, very, peculiar.

Feeling pretty nervous.  Semi-productive day today.  Going in for OT on Saturday.  Womp!  Felt like I should contribute to the team in return for missing days last week.

Saw an old lady running on my way home.  You could see the wrinkles all over her skin as she ran.  Wow.  I was pretty impressed.  It inspired me to run.  Guess how long that lasted.

Overheard a couple gently but forcibly arguing on the train today as I played CandyCrush, and rethought about dynamics and arguments and how does this all happen?  One open, one closed, one smiling, the other, without expression.  The guy says something about not going back and forth.  Sounds like they were planning some event.  So I decided to Google (because we all know the Internet has answers right, cough)… I think, upon skimming, this may be the current opinion I hold.. but there are lots of opinions and approaches out there.  It’s unfortunate that we can’t really stick rats in a lab and watch them fight.  Oh.  And after learning more about arranged (read, not forced) marriages per India, I’m not as bothered by them as I used to be.  Hey, why not…

And then I thought about the “going back and forth” comment, and how some people seem rather averse to it.  And I can understand why, because it takes time.  But I also find in my experience that coordination and communication of that kind, while tedious, leads to everyone feeling like they’ve gotten their thoughts out, feel included, and can feel good about the ending result.  It feels like a win-win situation to everyone because it has been communicated and worked out as such, not because it actually would have been a win-win situation in the first place.  Case in point would be our rent scenario.  Which, by the way, we are moving in next week!  I’m pretty excited.

Wow, that last paragraph was classic F.

On a sidebar, I can see how “going back and forth” would be undesirable for an event that you are being invited to and you want taken care of.  People simply don’t want to deal with the fuss.  But I guess I get a lot of utility points from hashing things out.  Which may also be the reason why work seems to go by faster when we discuss whether we should change the process and what the best current approach should be.

The other thing I was thinking about but will blog about another time was design rules.  Is there a general rule for what looks good to us?  There must be to some extent, because there is that 3-1 rule (or whatever it is called) in photography.  But then there’s also something to be said about the eye of the beholder and cultural influences.  So I wonder…  that’s something else to look into later.  I forget why I thought about this and wrote it down.  I think it was because I was staring straight ahead at some person in the middle of my view, and thinking, that would not make a good photograph.  Ha.


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