Setting myself up

Finished my projects that I promised boss today, if not frantically. I had just enough time left over where I could have relaxed and done my work for the whole few hours instead.

Decide to hit the stores since it feels like a waste to go to SF and not do anything but work. Bought the watch. Thinking I should go back to that manager and tell her. Also made a good amount of small talk with the girl working at the Swatch store today. She happened to be a cal grad of anthropology and business and was taking a year off to find what she wanted, because, “life is more than accounting”. Yes it is dear, yes it is. It makes me really happy to talk with strangers. Just yesterday on the bart train the atmosphere felt so different. It was the usual extremely crowded train with one guy who jumped in saying “don’t hate me!”. But instead of groans from the passengers and yells of “there is a train five minutes behind!” we squeezed on in. There were some apologies, some good natured laughs, and jokes about getting used to this versus being in Texas. The chatter was exceptionally present that day, with one girl talking to a random guy about BCC classes. I wanted to jump in, so I could ask them questions. But was too far.

Watched two old old couples eating at Andersen and thought about how oldness is simply inevitable in human life. All those old folks you see hobbling around were once young. They weren’t always that way. Sometimes I look at them and freeze them in my mind. But today I thought, I wonder what they were like when they were young? I wonder if now they tire of the same jokes or if they have not lost their sense of wonder? What separates the grumpy old folk from the living ones? Can it be Christ? Or is it just genes and I am doomed? I mean, not doomed, but you know…….


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