I know I’ve blown it when an older saint goes, “Oh Esther, I didn’t know you were so hilarious!”.  So embarrassing.  Or, the alternative interpretation is when someone like JY comes back and says “Kawaiistar, you got meaner.”  Or my coworker goes, “You know you weren’t this funny when I first met you.  I must be rubbing off on you.”  Yeah, he wishes!

In the process of packing– the room, predictably, looks like a storm.

JM and I got four free chairs on the side of the road today– perfect for our dining table!  It made my day.  They’re IKEA wooden chairs and actually in quite good shape.  We are going to paint them and maybe put cushions on them.  “Stop the car! Stop the car!”  I’m super excited.

Packing always takes me longer than it should simply because it is a trip down memory lane and I can’t decide if I should throw certain items out.  I decided I should designate a Mary Poppins box in my new place and use it for all the random items I can’t throw out because I think I could use them for a craft item later.  (Hello Kitty box that my USB drive came in, for instance– absolute trash but still can’t bring myself to throw it away cause it has pretty pictures on it and nice texture).  I also think I should get a corkboard or something of the sort for all these pictures and cards I’ve collected.  They seem so lonely if I just stuff them into a box.


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