Coly How.

Yes. Coly How. My friend CF used to say that all the time in high school. Speaking of which, we used to say a few other phrases that I only recently found out were kind of racist from another point of view. I had no idea! I just thought it was a funny sounding phrase. Leave it to me to do something like that. Actually, leave it to my friends to take a phrase like that and make it acceptable, taking away the sting. I like that about language. One can use it to hurt and one can use the same words to heal. All of a sudden a loaded word is reduced to just that, a word. But unfortunately not everyone gets it and then you end up with some awkwardness. The kind of awkwardness when people think you don’t get it, and then you kind of have to tell them that they are the ones that don’t get that you get that they don’t get it. Yikes.

No but it’s true, I now know that before I repeat things, maybe I should find out what they actually mean, and not what I ascribe them to mean, unless I’m using it among friends who know what I mean, which is always great. We like friends, yes, we do.

Today I put a skirt on the floor of my closet. Then I picked it up and hung it (hanged?), because I realized that my messiness is a slippery slope. It is like tidiness is a wall, and once that wall cracks, it crumbles fairly easily. Yes, that’s a really good way to describe what happens. So the best thing to do is to repair the crack right away, even if it makes me annoyed to do so. Last Saturday, Mom said a similar thing. She said that in general she’s messy but once in awhile, she will really like organizing. I find it funny that she said that, because I don’t consider Mom messy at all. I still haven’t figured out what her MBTI is. I’m between ESFP, ISFJ, ESTP …

I’m annoyed that I can’t write a cohesive and edited post right now because I don’t have the time. Ugh.

JM and I are going to help plan the Friday dinner. I’m kind of excited because I think our brains combined will make a good team. Yes!

I desperately need sleep so I will have to live with this sporadically written post. This is painful. I quite like this new template.


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