Variety really is the spice of life it seems.  Okay, not entirely, but I do appreciate variety quite a bit.  However, while singing “God’s kingdom today is a real exercise”, I also appreciated regulation in my living.  As I blog at 11:30pm.  Yes.

New faces today.  Love watching how dynamics change amongst a group and also love when you realize someone has a sense of humor that was hidden all along.  It’s like a mystery that is broken.  Kind of.  Or maybe it’s more like a little fish that jumped out of its fish bowl.  I’m asking, “What are you doing here?  Get back to where you belong..  Wait that was pretty cool, how did you do that?”

N said that her cat catches flies (and then eats them).  Gross, but one more reason why I maybe should get a cat.  E is like “YES.”

I am starting to really like driving, especially when there are other brains in the car.  Sometimes though, the brains are a tiny bit too talkative, and then I’m like, “Yes, I know, the light is green”.  But hey, I admit, it is a legitimate comment.

Our apartment is hot right now.  It’s odd, since the air outside isn’t very warm.  Our air-con is on, but it seems like it isn’t working too well.  Not sure why.  I guess there are some downsides to an old Victorian house after all, but I still really like it here.  Someone will be coming to look at the hole in my window tomorrow, so hopefully we shall get it fixed.

This post is getting to be too mundane, so that’s a call for bedtime for me.


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