I had ideas, I promise, I did.

But I cannot remember them now.

R tells a joke every day for us.  It’s a great highlight for me, mainly because I am quite fond of cheesy jokes, especially the types that are wordplay.  I am more fond of them than I realized.  I may enjoy the time so much because of R’s “Heyyya, gimme some” afterwards where he goes around and fist bumps each of us with a serious earnest glance, as if he delivered the greatest and profoundest joke on the planet.

I ate a barley and beef soup that I bought from BBowl today and couldn’t help but be concerned that the “Use By” date was 8/30 and that, just, did not, seem, quite right.  After all, I had bought the soup not quite two weeks ago and the “Use By” date, while on all of the containers, was written in mere permanent marker.  After personally experiencing human error in the form of the numerous mistakes I make before a screen every day, I struggle to have faith in this mere scrawl of a “Use By” date by an unknown employee.  But alas, I had to eat it, as it didn’t seem reasonable to let a whole container of soup go because of some unconfirmed suspicions of a clerical error.  After all, it smelled and tasted reasonably alright, and it contained so much salt that I figured it must be doing some extra preserving that I didn’t account for.  It will have to be time that exposes any evidence of spoiled food.

Well I must pack, so that will have to do for now.  I’m not satisfied with it, as I briefly had a moment at my desk today where I thought I should like to blog about such and such a topic, but I have forgotten now.


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