“So I..”

“You WHAT? …. Oh my gosh.  Come on.  Really.  No.  What?”

Yes, I lecture Dee like a Jie ought to do.  Most people wouldn’t recognize me by the way I speak to him.  In fact, he says I sound like a life-coach, and maybe I do.  “What do you want to do.  No.  Don’t talk to me like that.  What do you mean you don’t know.  Don’t tell me you don’t know.  What do you WANT.  Do you want English?  Yeah I didn’t think so.  So what do you want?  No, see, you do know!”  Between the two of us, Dee may be the extroverted one but I am probably louder in volume and stronger in my convictions…

Our conversation is punctuated by my “Oh my gosh.  What do you MEAN you . . .”

Dee finds it all very amusing.  I am face-palming but also somewhat amused.


Dee backs down a little in response to my exasperation and the conversation takes some sort of slick turn.  It’s a good thing Dee is amiable when all I want to do is shake him.  Eventually life goes on, Dee gives some indication that he isn’t lost to the seas and I regain my peace of mind.  Big sigh.

I have started studying for the GREs as of last Saturday.  My brain is noticeably out of practice, fatigued, slow.  I could blame a number of items for this, but instead of struggling to find a cause, I believe I do have some wholesome hours of studying ahead of me.  That is no bother, as I quite like the work, even if it makes me exasperated to find out that I did something the long way.

Today I listened to two messages given by R in Calgary, Canada to sisters and brothers, respectively.  The content was quite interesting, but I felt some tears come at the same time.  I write this in hopes that some of you would find it and listen to it yourselves or ask me for the email link.


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