I never thought I would find so much supply in a simple hour of Bible study with some brothers and sisters I hardly know on a human level.  We only met this year and most of them live in the city, but now that we are getting into 2 Timothy with the footnotes, I feel fed each week.  Nothing is that profound and sometimes I have nothing to say, but somehow I feel the Lord is there, blessing our coming together to simply be in His Word and ministry.  

I also got a chance to pray with B today.  I don’t know what it is about praying with someone with whom I have two years of solid prayer with, but it is true that somehow, we know each other’s spirits and are built up together.  The distance may be there, the human situations may be there, but when we pray, oh how I am reminded of what we have and what is eternal.

I have come to the conclusion that I am incredibly blessed to have grown up amongst believers who endeavored to live Christ.  No, none of them were perfect, but in a world where I am surrounded by those who would care nothing for Him, I am made clear of the blessings of being a “child of Zion” so they say.  To be among those who fear God, is better than to be among those who curse Him. 


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