There are so many books and articles I want to read, mainly in the realm of business psychology (e.g. body language), or in the realm of biopsychology.  But I’m pretty tired, and it has been another day, another penny earned.

I went running today.  That was good, although I’m still feeling a pit in my stomach.  I wonder if perhaps regularity would make the difference.  Who knows?  I certainly don’t.

The problem with reading is, you get to a point where you’ve read too much and everything starts to sound conflicting and contradictory and you’re left right back where you started.  That, and there are so many poorly written, poorly researched, or poorly designed pieces out there.  And I just don’t have the heart to use the skills learned in Econ class to deduce whether a certain opinion based on such and such a study is legitimate or not.  Were there confounding variables?  Is the study even valid? What were the measurements used?  Can it be reproduced?  Was it reproduced?  Who did it?  How old is it?

Why can’t life be a little more systematic?  Imagine if all the text in the world had characteristics the way a photograph has certain measurements for the f-stop size, the shutter-speed, the quality.  You would hover over any piece of text and immediately there would be the characteristics, the who, the what, the why.  A definitive guide to the history of the piece, the research employed, the standards followed, the steps taken, the biases involved.  Ah, now wouldn’t that be utopia.  Even the Scriptures themselves have their own controversial passages and textual questions.  Why is this?  Should I still remember my questions, I must ask the Lord when I see Him.


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