Big squeal, as H shows me the picture of her maltese poodle.  More squeals as she scrolls through her Samsung phone with various pictures of puppies.  Eeeee!

Today I figured out that H is a “P”.  But I really didn’t want to go into the entire personality typing with her, so I just told her what being a “P” meant.  I asked her a few questions, she goes “Yeah, yeahhh”, and in P fashion, she turns to me as we are driving home and goes “Do you like coffee?”  And I’m like.. “Mm.. it depends.. not really..”  “Do you like Philz?”  “Oh yeah! The mint mojito is really good…. *reading her mind*  You wanna go?”  “Yeah! Can we?”  “Where is it again, is it right here?” *Driving* “It’s up there”.  So I quickly find a parking spot (whoo-hoo), and off we go.  I tried to get the guy at the counter to sell me half a Small, but alas, there was no cup size for that, so I made do with leeching off H just a few sips to satisfy my taste-buds (wait, SP?) and at the same time not destroy my sleep.

One thing H shared with me (I really hope she doesn’t mind that I’m blogging this) was about Mary and Martha, and how sometimes we are just busy with nothing but the Lord wants us to spend time, take time, behold Him, spend that 30 minutes a day.  Like Mary, who just sat there.  This really touched me, because I feel like although perhaps I am not a Martha by nature, I’ve been trying to be.  This morning, I was thinking about how we should have piano coordination again, how I should’ve cleaned the bathroom yesterday, how I should really have prepared better for the young people with print-outs and such, how I should…  And while all those items are necessary they are not the “better part” as the Lord commended Mary for.  Because I know that by nature, I am the type to just “sit at the Lord’s feet and do nothing” so to speak, I have been trying to make up for it by thinking of all the things that need to be taken care of lest Martha complain that “my sister is not doing anything”.  However, one thing I appreciate about Mary is that she didn’t let Martha’s complaints get to her and cause her to not enjoy the Lord’s speaking and presence.  Sometimes, all I care about is that people won’t think I am lazy and unwilling to help, and maybe my preoccupation with having things run smoothly and not looking like a slacker has led me to also spontaneously forget what is the “better part”.  No, the better part is not sitting around and doing nothing.  The Lord Jesus is the better part.  Spending that time, “wasting” it, so to speak, upon Him, is the better part.  Yes, the daily duties must be taken care of somehow I suppose (though I always found it interesting that the Lord Jesus doesn’t say how!  Maybe He knows it will be done?  Who knows), but the first and best place for our time must be with the Lord.


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