Ordinary Days

Not too much to say here.  I have found that the longer I sleep in, the worse I feel.  My body alarm woke me up around 6:40 this morning, and of course on a Saturday I wasn’t willing to wake up.  Then the onslaught of thoughts, dreams, feelings, and memories ran through me as I buried myself in my covers and wished that if I squeezed the blankets tighter around me, they could swallow up all of the strange sensations and words in my brain.  These are the types of mornings where I call and call in muffled tones.  Because I have the time to.  Eventually my housemate suggested a potential Target run, and given the schedule for the day, I decided that lunch was the only available time.  That means I have to get up before then.  So I said yes, because then I’d have a good incentive to rise and shine.  As hard as it is to feel as if I am making no progress, I am also growing more and more content with ordinary days of errands.  A refill of gas here, my laundry there.

I bought two items from Target for hanging my picture frame up, because I couldn’t decide (surprise, surprise).  Command tape, and these cute black nail type things that are shaped specifically for picture frame hanging.  Both will have to be kept since both were opened.  Yeah, were opened, as if I wasn’t the one who did the opening.  No, really.  I also bought on a whim, cute red KitchenAid measuring cups.  Yes, I’m officially old enough to where I spend time actually looking at the kitchen section, and I mean, looking.  I almost convinced myself to get a garlic press, but decided against it.  After all, I really still don’t cook enough to justify the price.  (But the measuring cups were too cute to pass up and they were on sale.  For like, a quarter cheaper!  I hate when they do that.)

Then the eye appointment.  I rambled my way to Minor Hall (which was very hard for me to find, by the way!).  Campus was so nice again.  I walked by a group of students rocking out to Vanessa Carlton, and rambled through the woodsy area above Minor Hall before I found the UC Eye Center nestled behind the greenery.  Nothing found by the doctor though.  Unfortunately my symptoms are too rare so they aren’t in the literature, and my vision is still in general good enough to where I do not need a prescription.  I appreciated that the doctor said he didn’t think my sensations were just my imagination, as it seems like others have experienced these things as well, but that because there wasn’t anything in the literature in it, all we could rely on was anecdotal evidence.  In the end, there’s not much I should or can do.  However, it is good to know that overall my eyes remain healthy.  Hoorah.

Lastly, I drove to pick up the young people to take them to Moraga for dinner and a meeting.  I quite enjoyed the ride over to J’s place.  I love having a car now.  When I drive by myself I can sing and shout and the world is silent.  The Lord died a devil-destroying death on the cross!  He died a victorious death!  He washed away my sins!  Praise the Lord!


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