So it turns out that none of the public schools in California at least are offering the 3-year speech pathology program to those who have not completed an undergraduate degree in speech pathology anymore.  What?  I can not believe I just found this out.  Well it’s a good thing I saw this because that changes everything.  That means I either have to find a way to go to a private school and find out how to successfully pay for it, or I have to find out about post-baccalaureate programs and complete one which will take me a year, before I can apply for graduate school.  

Yeah I don’t know.  I haven’t thought about this at all.  It seems like these bombs are dropping on me and life is taking twists and turns again and again.  

If the Lord leads you to walk a way that you know, it will not benefit you as much as if He leads you to walk a way you do not know….. – Watchman Nee


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