Pensive at 25.

Growing up is a strange thing.  It is strange because I am at that age where it starts getting a little awkward for people to ask how old I am.  What?  

Emotionally, it has been a rough day, weeks, year.  Each year brings in reflections and today with the morning came a unwanted realization that I am prone to addictions.  Addicted to the internet, addicted to my phone.  What do you do with it?  D and M took me out for lunch, which was very appreciated, and I had a few moments of unadulterated glee from the huge strings of lights in the Hyatt hotel.  D also tried to hint at the B to treat us, which of course he smilingly declined to do.  

I came home to two lovely, sweet cards, and then proceeded to read a post entitled Justice For Quinten.

It made me sad.  But it also satisfied that idealistic, justice-seeking, part of me.  So here it is.


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