National Alliance for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality

Wow, places like this exist. Every once in awhile I go on a story rampage, that is, I start reading testimonies. Today it was on a somewhat dark subject, one that I am still afraid to sound clearly across a Facebook page for fear of being accused of hatred and bigotry. Instead, I shall use this blog as the appropriate medium. I read stories of men who struggled with what is today known as “homosexuality”, and also, from their words, recovered from their unwanted life and feeling. They lead from their perspectives whole, healed lives with their wives and children. Lives that they longed for but lives that seemed out of their reach.

I understand that I risk backlash with such a post, but as one who knows what it is to suffer internally, I want you to know that a hope is there, dear ones. There seems to be a lot of controversy and struggle there but there it is.


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