The Search Continues

So I was looking for more cello to listen to on YouTube after finding the Bach Preludes and was surprisingly kind of disappointed by what I found by Yo-Yo Ma.  I know.  I just felt that some of the notes were off, enough to make me not want to listen.  So I asked Google “Is Yo-Yo Ma overrated?” just to see if I was being too harsh of a critic.  Well I’m glad to find that I wasn’t the only one who asked, and someone mentioned Maurice Gendron who has passed away.  I listened to one of his recordings on YouTube and it was pretty amazing.

And then I found out he was, to put it lightly, horrible towards the children he taught, and apparently as recent as last year there have been allegations of abuse opening up against elite music schools in England, something that some speculate has been covered up for years in the music industry.  Well, I don’t know why I had to discover this.


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