Third Opinion

I woke up this morning, having decided to sleep on my decision since StitchFix gives you 3 business days to decide what you want to keep.  I bounded out of bed (not really, but let’s pretend I did), put on the cardigan, and hopped over to R’s room again.  “Should I keep it???”  “Just keep it! :D”  “Hm…”  I bound over to J’s room, *knock knock* “What do you think?”  J approved.  “You don’t think the sleeves are too long?”  If J and R both think it’s okay, I guess it’s okay.  So I took off the tags and wore it around town.  I got three compliments, one from the guy at Philz’ coffee, which really startled me because when he first said “Woah”, I thought I was in trouble for sharing some of R’s Mint Mojito.

So here’s my referral link, if you want to try!

I really want to try a second time and ask them to focus on dresses, but I’m restraining myself for now.  It’s still a $20 fee each time, and that’s not counting if you keep something.  If you keep something, your $20 goes as credit but you’ll still end up paying more.  So I paid an extra $8 to secure the cardigan.  Not bad for a fun box.  It was one of the cheaper items in the box though.  The most expensive item was the dress, which was $68.

And because some people wanted to see pictures:


The floral one, R’s favorite.




Colorblock Dress.




And what I kept.


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