You know you’ve been at one place far too long, when the B starts to play pranks on you in spite of his position of authority.  I wasn’t too happy about it, and T asked me if I was going to pull a prank in return.  I hadn’t thought about it, but then she started giving me lots of ideas.  It’s quite funny what people come up with, but I guess something that stops me is the possibility that something could go wrong with the prank and it would become hazardous in some way.  Yes, everyone can stop sighing now.

I studied for the GRE today using Magoosh, since my program expires soon.  Unfortunately I am doing quite poorly in math.  I can’t remember a lot of things anymore, and I feel dumber than usual.  I’m sure the sleep deprivation I’ve been racking up in the past few weeks isn’t helping either.  Anyway, 1000 questions left to go.


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