Chasing After the Wind

Is what it feels like to be a college graduate in an age of information overload.  You wish you’ve learned all there is to learn, but the feeling I get is, in twenty years, the information in our textbooks will be outdated, maybe even proven flat-out wrong.  The principles we hold most dear will be overturned, challenged, and kicked to the sidelines as we realize that they don’t solve all our problems and questions.  The search for new truths and new laws will continue.  The hope for universality among disciplines will grow dimmer as we are split into more and more divergent, fractured, and divided pieces.  Every generation comes in with a new idea, a new promise of a lifestyle guaranteed for love, happiness, prosperity, health.

Eventually, our metaphorical rain will come, as it did in Noah’s time.  Will I be one caught in the fray?

My limbs feel weak as I ponder the question.  How we need Your mercy Lord, to see that God’s economy is the reason and rhyme for all things.

I’m gazing at my bulletin board now, at a dear couple who is about to get married in less than a few weeks.  She’s smiling up at her soon-to-be head, and he’s smiling down at his glorious soon-to-be bride.  It’s a lovely sight, and it makes all of the separation and heartache they went through over the years to get there worth it.

What will it be, in that day?  Now, for one of my favorite hymns:

  • The church is Christ’s deep longing
    And His good pleasure too.
    His every word and action
    Is made with her in view.
    His heart’s love is established,
    And nought can Him deter;
    Before the earth’s foundation
    His thoughts were filled with her.
  • The eve of all creation
    He mused on His delight,
    And pondered every feature,
    Well-pleasing in His sight.
    Creation sprang to being,
    But deep in Him did hide
    A heart of depth unfathomed
    Fixed on a glorious Bride.
  • And thus His will was ’stablished
    His counterpart to gain:
    This blessed, firm intention,
    Eternally the same.
    Though sin should e’en beguile man,
    Then mock his helpless state,
    He never could forsake her,
    His yearning ne’er abate.
  • Then mercy richly flourished,
    And love was, oh, so vast,
    As graciously He sought her
    With wisdom unsurpassed.
    The love He gave to win her
    God only comprehends!
    His life laid down, an offering
    Whose fragrance yet ascends.
  • And now in resurrection
    To her He draws most near,
    And with untold affection
    In glory does appear.
    As she beholds her Bridegroom,
    His glory floods her heart,
    ’Til she, His Bride, is raptured,
    His longed-for counterpart.



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