Sleep. Or Lack Thereof.

I never wanted to admit how much sleep or lack thereof affected me, because it seemed weak.  I have always disliked such characters as the princess in the Princess and the Pea, but there you have it.  I might as well just accept that I am a princess.  My childhood heroes were tomboys, the Carrie Woodlands of the world, the Bridgets of the Traveling Pants series.  The coolest girl in class was the one who played soccer with all the boys and could outrun all of us.  I wanted to be tough, but my nature is otherwise.  Mother knew that, and diligently pushed us to bed on time as children, but when high school came, I would stay up in the wee hours of the night all by myself.  Well, I wasn’t really by myself, I was accompanied by a faithful band of friends.  We would chat about everything under the sun and homework, of course.  Weeks after weeks, I lived this way.  Mother would tell me to sleep and I would verbally comply, but the doors would shut behind me and there I was.  I know now that it isn’t normal to be tired so much, and it isn’t normal to have coworkers who realize that there are days when I’m not awake until noon.  Well, realizing it might be the first step, as they say.  It’s what happens after that though, that is the difficult part.  Goodnight, world.


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