Happy Mother’s Day

My mom goes, “When are you going to call me?”.  Usually, I would ignore that, but today, I remembered to give her a call.  Give yourself all a pat on the back for me, will you?  Thanks.  

It hasn’t been the easiest of weeks.  Somehow, all the changes seem to happen at once.  I don’t know why life doesn’t just decide to ease you into things.  The situation in the office was rearranged, the hours grew longer, the caffeine grew more necessary, the sleep grew less.  The bombshells dropped one by one, and the call to Christ grew as well.  If anything, I feel like the law of the Spirit of life has become more clear to me after Friday than ever before.  And for that, I am grateful.  I am grateful to all the spiritual mothers and fathers who have reassured me in the midst of every spiritual crisis usually in the form of “I can’t have morning revival!” “I don’t know how to have morning revival!” “I can’t wake up for morning revival!” “I want to play games instead of have morning revival!” that it was okay, to keep pressing on.  The Lord would teach me, they said, and while I have by no means become an expert, I think I owe my faith to their words of encouragement.  I’ve known this law for awhile now, objectively, but only recently has it become a little more subjective.  I asked Mother how she could be so strong.  “You have to know this life”, she said.  I didn’t want to hear that, so we proceeded to talk about other aspects of her personality, but then I appreciated it the same.  If it was this life, that is the same life that I have and the same life that every regenerated believer has.  That means there is the potential for that seed to grow.  But when?  That is my question.


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