StitchFix #3

Is the third time the charm?  Let’s find out, today, from StitchFix.

Previously on StitchFix, I kept a navy blue owl cardigan and a polka dotted powder blue dress which stood out among items that were less memorable.

This time, I opened my box after my housemate texted me that it had arrived and will I hurry home so she could see it!  I had updated my Pinterest for this one, so I was curious as to what my stylist might think to put in my box this time.

I was flattered by the note “Hi Esther!  I am really excited to be styling you today!  I LOVE your Pinterest style!”  Aw, thanks.

So the items were

1) Collective Concepts Racerback Polka Dot Dress



But wait, I didn’t ask for a dress?  This one had a very cute pattern, and the fit was alright.  However, I wasn’t a big fan of the racerback or v-neck, and R said it looked like an apron cause of where the waistline was.  Apron?  Ok, no.

2) 41Hawthorn Longsleeve Knit Cardigan


I wasn’t really excited about this one because it was a solid colored, navy blue, cardigan.  I have lots of cardigans, although I don’t have any long cardigans, so I figured I would try it.  It was supposed to go with the dress, but even with the dress, I felt like the cardigan was, well, too long.  This one was sent back.

3) Kensie Skinny Jeans


I’m pretty sure I said no jeans.  Did I say no jeans?  I can’t remember.  Anyway, I knew right off the bat that I wasn’t going to keep these because they’re, well, jeans, and $88.  The most I’ve paid for jeans is, well, a lot less than $88, let’s just say.  But I tried them on, and then I wouldn’t take them off.  They were the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn, it was like wearing sweatpants, no joke.  Soft, flexible, perfect, except for the price-tag and the fact that they were a little too skinny for my liking.  Sent back.

4) Under Skies Lace Detailed Short Sleeve Shirt


So this one was the one both R and I liked on the picture and while holding it up.  We found out though after I tried it on that the lace was indeed, just lace, in the front, and not lace over white.  That was a little bit disappointing since I didn’t know what to wear under it!  Why can’t they just put a white backing to the shirt?  Goodness.  I really liked the color though and the design.  Wasn’t sure if it was too casual of an item to keep.  Anyhow, this one was paired with the next item–

5) Bay to Baubles Pastel Statement Bib


When I saw this title on the StitchFix card I was like “A BIB?  They sent me a BIB?”, and then I looked in the box and was like “Oh, it’s a necklace.”  Obviously, I don’t buy jewelry, like, ever.  This one had really cute colors and it matched perfectly with the lace shirt, but both my housemates said it would be difficult to match with anything else.  I really liked the necklace surprisingly, but it was also missing a gold ring that held the pieces together.  Strange.  So that was the deciding factor.  I ended up keeping the lace shirt.

All in all, this was a lot of fun!  There weren’t any items that I considered downright ugly and I felt like they pretty much get my sizing every single time.  Good job, StitchFix.


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