What do you do when WordPress decides to change it’s template on you and use this weird font that looks kind of like Comic Sans? Yikes.

Actually, the real question I want to ask is, what do you do when you feel like someone is using language incorrectly and causing miscommunication, but you can’t explain the technical reason as to why? See, the thing is, I hate reading comment trails on articles, but sometimes, I still do it. It leaves a bad flavor in my mouth, and much of the time, it seems like a battle of who is the smartest. And that’s the problem. I start to wonder and be bothered. Who is the smartest? Or maybe the better question is, who is right?

After all, being smart doesn’t necessarily mean you’re right. And what bothers me is when people decide to list all their qualifications as if that is what makes their flawed statement correct. And what bothers me is when people can’t understand that there is, in this case, a correct and incorrect way to use sarcasm.  And what bothers me more is when people resort to attacks on grammar and typos, because we all know that’s a waste of time.

Dissonance is what happens when sarcasm is used incorrectly. But then the question could be asked, is dissonance produced in the other person when it is used correctly? What determines correctness?

Today I told a friend that I wasn’t really a believer in Chinese medicine, but she told me about how it had helped her. I was really happy for her, and had to concede that whatever works is what’s important. Sometimes there are things that we can’t understand within the framework that we’ve been educated in. The search for health seems to be an endless one, a question that has bothered man for centuries (oh, who knows how long, but centuries sounds about right). We ask for immortality, we hope for vitality, we strive for invincibility. Perhaps there are gains still to be made, but in the end, our inner man is what is being renewed, day by day. I’m still struggling, wondering what is next on this journey. I haven’t reached my goals yet, and I’m not sure what will help me get there.


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