I’ve been trying to bond with a bunny rabbit.  It’s been a little tough at times, because she gets scared rather easily and when she gets scared I have to give up and call it a day.  I did a little research about what I have to do to win her heart over.  I guess it didn’t help that the first couple of times we met, I had been petting dogs so I probably smelled like them.  Anyhow, I sat in her space, did the ignoring thing, let her smell me, did a little bit of petting, and in general have tried not to reach into her cage space.  I did this a number of times and I’ve been making progress, to my surprise.  Today I came over and called her name, and put my hand over the edge of her space, and she bounded out of her cage and came over to me to get some pats just like that.  Before she would’ve ignored me, or worse, come out and then ran back into her cage and stuck her head behind her litterbox so she couldn’t see me, or, presumably, so I couldn’t see her.  Of course, I can still see her, but I don’t think she knows that.

On the flip side, I’ve been trying to get to know people a little bit in class.  It’s tough too.  Unlike rabbits, my classmates talk.  I can’t just give them pats on their heads and feed them hay until they like me.


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