I’m trying to study anatomy right now because I have a quiz later.  It’s pretty challenging, and I feel like writing because I just read this sappy well-written article in the NYTimes about a couple that, well, let’s just say the ending is happy. I found my way into the student union for study, but there’s a girl a table away sharing the Bible to this guy.  She keeps saying things that cause me to look over, like about how “psuche” is the word for soul-life and “zoe” is the word for the eternal, uncreated, incorruptible life.  I’m wondering where she got her notes from, cause it sure sounds like Witness Lee, those adjectives together in that order describing the zoe life.  But I don’t know her, so I can’t walk over and interrupt their time and ask.  And then I heard her talking about John chapter 1, about God being the Word, which in Greek is “logos”. In the meantime, I was talking to a friend about this article I read, and he basically goes, “That’s nice, but that’s not realistic”.  I felt like all the sensations swirling around in me were crushed in an instant.  I snapped back into reality, and had to acknowledge that he was probably right, it wasn’t really a common thing.  After all, I thought to myself, if it was so common, why would someone want to write about it?  How many people write about going to the bathroom?  Not many, I think.  Yet by the way she wrote about her own experience, I felt like she could have been the girl next door writing it.  My neighbor, my classmate, some stranger passing down the hallway.  But, she wasn’t, I guess. I studied with a classmate today, amidst my neurotic “Oh Lord”s and face buried in my hands, we made good progress.  She reminds me of another friend of mine.  The resemblance is what they call, striking, uncanny, what? She closed her Bible.  Do I go over and interrupt them now?

My perfect pair of pets would be a cat and a dog who like each other.  It’s not common, but it just makes sense to me.


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