Cooking without subscription boxes.

Well, I was supposed to write about my experience with subscription boxes, but lately I have been trying to cook from good-ole scratch. No boxes, no pre-measured ingredients, no complete sets, no recipes combined into one fine pamphlet. And it’s kind of a disaster!

Today, I set out to make tomato basil soup. I didn’t have heavy whipping cream, and I wasn’t particularly keen on getting any. I figured, I can do without it, and thought I had found a recipe that didn’t call for heavy cream. I guess I read that recipe wrong, because when I got home, that recipe was nonexistent on the internet. I did find another recipe without heavy cream, but it called for actual tomatoes, and I wasn’t going to let the tomato sauce I bought go to waste. Nor was I bold enough to try substituting, or skilled enough, rather. So I set off to make the soup without the cream, in hopes that maybe dear husband would pick up some milk on his way home.

Besides that, I also wanted to make a tilapia dish with a recipe I got from a friend. It asked for white wine and shallots. I thought I had all the ingredients, but when the YouTube video on how to uncork a wine bottle without a corkscrew failed me, I was left with my alternative, rice wine. Should be fine right? I also didn’t have shallots, but I did have scallions. So I used those instead. I think that substitution worked out alright, and it wasn’t what caused the failure of that dish. The failure was due to over-salting. I really should just get some kosher salt, which is a bit less salty and therefore will be easier for me to work with.

Lastly, I made roasted brussel sprouts. This should have been easy, but I was too lazy to measure anything. I had a nagging suspicion that I wasn’t using enough oil and whether or not that was the cause of the result, I can’t be sure. That’s the problem with being a newbie at cooking; you end up with these funny results, and you’re like, “Where did I go wrong?”. Unfortunately, there is no book that says “If your result looks like y instead of z, then you did x wrong”. Where x could be too long, too hot, too much tomato, too much oil, too little salt. If there is such a book, I need it. Common sense is not that common, I tell you. So anyhow, when I pulled out the brussel sprouts, well they were browner than I thought they would be.

Now I’m waiting for dear husband to come home. He’ll probably tell me he’s happy that I made food for him, but I’ll probably still prompt him to tell me how awesome it is, even though I didn’t do such a great job. He’ll probably say “I like it dear!”, and I will look at him like a hopeful skeptic. Until next time.

Our Zojirushi rice cooker just sang its song, signaling its completion. Thankfully this part of the meal will (should) have turned out perfectly.


3 thoughts on “Cooking without subscription boxes.”

  1. Things are never too brown, they are ‘caramelised’ 😉 Besides that’s usually where the flavour is! I like that you try and, in my experience, even less successful home cooked food is usually better than pre packaged, never had subscription boxes so not sure how they work out. Living in the middle of nowhere, substitutions are fairly regular (lack of heavy cream is ‘a healthier option’ and spring onions or white onion for shallots is not unheard of in my house), have really enjoyed reading your blog.

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