Food Blogs

I’ve never been savvy enough to follow food blogs. I could never tell whether the recipes were good or not by reading them, and I didn’t want to try and be disappointed. Usually I would just look at the gorgeous photos, and then leave.

Lately though, I’ve been craving the taste of my parents’ homelands (Taiwan and Hong Kong), and have been looking for delicious soup recipes to try. It also helps that one of our wedding presents was a pressure cooker, and it makes the soup process a lot faster.

Here is my favorite beef noodle soup recipe so far from Jen of Tiny Urban Kitchen! My curiosity was peaked when I saw that we have similar backgrounds (ABC, parents from overseas). I’ve made the recipe twice so far, and the second time it turned out well. The first time I used stew beef which was really disappointing (the beef was not tender at all!), and the second time I got proper chuck roast which was 50% off at Vons (so exciting). The second time the meat came out nice and tender. I also used knife-cut noodles that I found in the refrigerator section in a Korean market. Those noodles by themselves were so yummy. I was pretty excited when I found them because I didn’t even know they sold those in the supermarkets! Anyway, before I reveal any more of my newbie status, I just want to say this recipe is easy, quick, and tastes delicious. There’s not too much going on in it, and it satisfies my craving for home. I actually don’t even put in the bean paste sauce because I don’t usually have any on hand, and the last time I went to check it out at the supermarket, I put down all the jars because the ingredients list looked questionable. Anyhow, it tastes fine without it and passed the husband test, so it’s a keeper!


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