Monday Night Dinner

Mondays are nice days for me. My husband has to go to work, but I get to stay and sleep in a bit after a usually active weekend.

Today I tried pork bone daikon soup in the pressure cooker. I couldn’t find any recipes online that were modified for the pressure cooker, so I kind of winged it using Miss Vickie’s guidelines, which basically say that the time is about 1/3 of normal cooking time. I wasn’t sure if it worked, because afterwards, the pork looked kind of pink in the middle still, and I was worried that it would be no bueno for us later. What to do?
I’ll have to try this one again using the normal pot over the stovetop method and do a comparison.

I also decided to try to make steamed egg, which I first tasted at my friend’s place. Apparently it’s really easy and very delicious, my go-to buzz words. I made it in our old-school rice cooker that has been sitting all dusty in our pantry. Apparently there are a number of ways to steam something, and I was so consumed with figuring out how to steam the egg that when my husband came home, I didn’t even go to greet him, which is unheard of. Usually once I hear the doorknob rattle, I run over, open the door, and give him a big hug. This time he walked into the kitchen and found me poring over my laptop with tabs upon tabs open. That was kind of sad. Oops.

Unfortunately the end result was that both dishes suffered from a lack of salt. Seriously, why do they say season salt to taste? What if I don’t know how much salt that is? Of course you can always add more salt later at the table, but it always feels to me like a cooking fail when I have to tell people to do that.

Lastly I also had hubby heat up onion pancakes (pre-made, frozen), and stir-fry the pea sprouts. He is much better than I am at cooking. I have to use a timer for everything lest I overcook or undercook something, or simply forget and burn it. So anyway, at least his part of the meal was good.

Even though I got tons of sleep and spent a nice afternoon at a cafe today, I am so pooped now. After stressing out over how dinner is going to turn out and whether or not I’m going to get food poisoning from it, well I think it’s time to sleep.

And I leave you with this quote to sum up my cooking adventures.
“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”


2 thoughts on “Monday Night Dinner”

  1. The trick to salting is to taste! Taste at every step. And if the food you want to taste is raw (i.e. meat or eggs) scoop a little out, microwave it until it cooks, then try it. Or if you’re not particularly concerned, like me, just dab a little on the tip of your tongue then rinse it off hahaha

  2. Adding salt at the table is definitely OK, I rarely cook with more than a small pinch of salt due to Small Person eating it. Love lots of salt on any form of cooked potato but less so in other stuff. Tasting as you go along, especially with sauces is a good idea though.

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