Temperatures have dropped, and our gas bill went up enormously last month because of our liberal use of our heater.  So this month, we’re trying to use less.  That means that I am sitting on the couch with my fuzzy green polka dot pants, and my feet feel like icicles.  That also means that I am not really motivated to move from my warm spot, like a cat that has found that precious little ray of sunshine and curls up under it.  So now that we’re too cheap to use the gas, we might try out a space heater from Target because paying for the electricity to run it might be cheaper.  We’ll find out.

On another note, we’re preparing for our first hospitality guests.  They’ll be coming in from overseas, and we don’t know them at all, except that we do happen to be brothers and sisters in the Lord.  We’re trying to set up some curtain arrangement (i.e. sheets) to partition off our living room right now.  So today it’s a trip to find pliers to cut the wire, cause apparently scissors aren’t strong enough for the job.  Who knew?  Those IKEA setups look so easy at first glance.  Don’t be deceived, they actually require quite a bit of work!

It’s hard to write consistently like I used to in high school and maybe even college, but I’m trying to get back into it.  I must say this like every time I blog.  I feel like my days are so ordinary though.  On Tuesdays, I get the grocery store ads, and I actually sit around and look at them.  It sounds so painfully adult, something I am used to seeing my mom doing.  And yet here I am.  Eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mail so I can check what meats, veggies, and fruits are on sale.  The exciting part is going to the store the next day in the morning, before the crowd, so I can get the best pickings.  Yes, I’ve become one of those housewives.

So my days are quite ordinary and yet comfortable.  Yesterday, the hubby and I went to get shabu shabu at one of our favorite places.  Surprisingly, it has only mediocre Yelp reviews, and I generally swear by Yelp reviews (okay yeah I know I don’t swear).  It’s not loud or fancy, and we always tend to run into someone we know there.  The service is also minimal at best.  But maybe I like this hands-off approach better.  You, stay over there, until we need you, yeah?  I happily ate my hot pot in peace.  Nothing like a warm meal on a cold day where the comfort runs deep into your cold bones.  My tummy and heart were quite happy.  Maybe three-star establishments are underrated after all.

What about you?  What places do you continue to go to even though they have poor reviews?  Why?


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