I really like this dress.


And this dress..


Sorry, that is all.

Now, back to the food…

Today I made spring or is it summer rolls.  But I have no peanut butter or lime, so I used almond butter and lemon instead.  We’ll let you know how that turns out.


So here’s the recipe I made up from a combination of other recipes.

  • Rice noodles – prepare as package says.  Then soak in lemon juice, garlic, sugar.
  • Fillings: Basil, bean sprouts, avocado (my addition lol, the texture is kind of funny in the wrap but whatevs), chicken scraps from yesterday’s dinner, lettuce for some vegetarian wraps cause I ran out of chicken
  • Sauce – Almond butter, some hoisin sauce, a little soy sauce, a little sesame oil, some lemon juice, some green onions, a little sugar, a little salt.  The almond butter was kind of weird for me honestly.  Hubby said it was good but seriously, I can’t trust my hubby for objective critiques.  Taste and mix as you see fit.

This was not bad, except the lemon makes things more sour than lime.  In the end result, you couldn’t really tell since the noodles got mixed with other ingredients.  However, I think the almond butter is definitely a strange substitute for the peanut butter.  Peanut butter is stronger in flavor and sweeter (says hubby).  Also almond butter has an interesting.. almond, aftertaste.  I might try this again with limes instead of lemons and see how it goes.


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