How to roast a chicken, take 2

This time, with an actual chicken and not a cornish hen.  I figure that if I can get this down, then I can save my hubby and I from eating sandwich meat and put roast chicken in sandwiches!  Sounds delicious, right?

There are apparently like a hundred or so different ways to roast a chicken.  It’s all very overwhelming.  Why do some people roast at this heat?  Why that heat?  Why this filling or that outing(..)?

I found a pretty full explanation of roast chickens here, so today we’re trying something like that.

450 degrees, 60 minutes.

Half a lemon and some garlic inside (as much as I could do before I got sick of peeling garlic cause it sticks to my fingers).

Put it breast side up on a roasting pan.  I just checked and apparently I put the wire rack upside down.  UGH…


OK, rack is the right side now.  My fire alarm has gone off twice already.  Is something burning?


The chicken wasn’t done.  😦  Next time I do this, remind me to check the weight of the chicken so I know.  I hate taking things in and out of ovens and checking done-ness!  Per Allrecipes, a difference of a pound makes for an additional 20 minutes…






3 thoughts on “How to roast a chicken, take 2”

  1. Hey Esther, have you seen the “peel garlic using a glass bottle” videos? I’m sure there are more than one, but here’s one I found using a quick Google search:

    I used to not cook garlic because of the difficulty of peeling them, but this is a game changer!


      1. It worked for me! The traditional method of peeling takes longer (maybe it’s because I’m clumsy at peeling), and even if it took longer, I prefer the shaking method. They come off very clean.

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