Life has been rough, especially this past week.  I’ll attribute it ambiguously to health things, and I can only hope that with time the effects will be less.  I can’t be entirely sure, and it is scary going into a tunnel that feels familiar yet different.

Thankfully, these days, respite is not as difficult to be found, in a fond memory of Taco Tuesdays in college or a large slice of Costco pizza.  Hmm, why do I see a trend?

Thoughts and fears can be overwhelming at times in a strange kind of way.  For a moment you recognize that they come from within you and that they are not quite real.  Yet the madness seems impossible to shake at the moment.  You bury your head in your Bible reading.  Isaiah.  Not much in there that I can actually understand, but still a comfort, nonetheless.  Then, the thought of food prepared by somebody else.

Will ever food prepared by me be as good as food prepared by somebody else?  I mean subjectively.  A humble bowl of lentils prepared by a friend for some reason, is much more delicious than a feast prepared by me.  That may be an exaggeration.  There are a few things that I can make that I enjoy.  One thing that I have enjoyed is guacamole.  But it also takes me like three hours to chop and MASH everything omg mashing.


2 thoughts on “Rough”

  1. Lol Esther. I don’t chop anything for guacamole. I’m lazy so it’s just the avocado and seasoning. I hope you’re feeling better! I can totally relate to this. Feel free to call me during the week cause my schedule is all flexible like yours

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