Freezer Contents

I have unsubscribed from Epicurious emails numerous times, but I’m still getting them, I think.  Apparently it takes time, or apparently their unsubscribe button is broken.  Anyway, interesting things still pop up, so I’ll forgive them, for now.

In this week’s email, a list of items (top 11) one should have in the freezer.  Let’s do a side by side comparison, with some commentary.

  1. Chicken Thighs — yes, I have these!  I buy them in those large packages that sometimes have nasty chicken juice seeping through the plastic wrapping.  Then I separate them into Ziplock bags for easy defrosting.  Now, to remember that I need to defrost is another thing…
  2. Alternative flours — what?  No.  What do people use alternative flours for?  Is this because I’m Asian that I don’t know what this is all about?
  3. Broth/stock — nope.  Sometimes I use stock, and the rest goes back in the fridge.  Guess what happens to that stock usually?  Into the trashcan…  Maybe next time I can pour it out and freeze it!  This could be useful.
  4. Fruit — yes, we like smoothies, so we do have a bag of frozen Trader Joe’s mixed berries as well as other fruits that were too ripe to be eaten fresh.
  5. Breadcrumbs — Another what?  No.  I do have a bag of Panko on top of my fridge, but that’s it.  Not sure if those can freeze…
  6. Frozen peas — No.  Wow, what a random veggie.  I actually like peas, so this is not a bad idea.
  7. Stock up on scraps — No.  Could start doing this.
  8. A bag of frozen shrimp — No.  Allergic to shrimp.
  9. Pizza dough — No.  But this might not be so bad if it freezes well.
  10. Crumble topping — Whoever wrote this list likes breadcrumbs and crumble toppings in their freezer!  Apparently this is good for dessert.  Ya, no, don’t have.
  11. Parmesan rinds — No.  Parmesan whats?  The only parmesan we have is the kind you shake out onto your pizza from a green container.


Now, here’s what we actually always have in our freezer:

  1. Meats of various kinds — Chicken my mom gave me, fish, other meats I found on sale, things I don’t know how to cook yet.
  2. Dumplings — Emergency food.  What else to say.  A large bag of them.
  3. Things that were on the verge of going bad — Emergency preservation.
  4. Ice cream — Hello??
  5. Ice cubes — Ya they take up space so they get to be listed.  This is Southern California, y’all, and we don’t have any heating in our triplex.
  6. Baozhi from Grandma that will last for months — Sorry Grandma.



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