Sticky Sticky.

Today I ate a late lunch, and thus when I came home for dinner, I was not hungry.  So while we microwaved Mom’s “zou lu ji”  (walking chicken, literally, a black silky looking chicken marinated in some Asian flavors), and baked a piece of salmon leftover in the freezer from one of Costco’s pre-marinated freezer bags, I decided I wanted to make mochi cake.  Every once in awhile, I stock up on mochiko and coconut milk, and today I had the itch to bake.

What, Esther has an itch to bake?  It is strange, I know.  But here I was, making a mess out of the kitchen with coconut milk, eggs, flour, and sugar.  The nice thing about baking is that, provided you’ve done everything else right, you can stick it in the oven and expect some magic to happen.  Pretty cool.

Remember that EasyBake commercial from the 90s?  Maybe since then, baking has always seemed magical.

I didn’t do too much searching for recipes this time since I had made two variations of mochi cake before.  This time, I just made the first one that came up on Google search that I had all the ingredients for.  It happened to be found on Epicurious.  We’ll see how it turns out.

My poor husband had jury duty all day today and is now collapsed on the couch with the blanket over his head.  It’s not like him at all.  I guess sitting in on a court case and listening to lawyers can be exhausting.  He asks, “Dear dear, when will the nian gao be done?”  Not for another hour and a half dear, and then it has to cool for another two dear.


VERDICT:  I think THIS recipe is better, from or matcha.  I think the only difference is the addition of milk (whole milk, or condensed).  Somehow I think it makes the texture smoother and less cake-y.


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