Autoimmune Paleo

Since the first time I heard about the paleo diet, I thought it was another one of those trends.  This girl’s story about her health and recovery though has been really interesting to me.  Especially the part about her being a vegan, supplementing, and then her doctor breaking it to her that she had never been able to get patients like her to a healthy state while they weren’t eating meat.  Interesting, because I never hear this.  I know quite a number of vegans and vegetarians who are adamant about their diets for animal cruelty reasons, and it’s true that the practices surrounding meat in our society are disappointing.  However, I’ve always felt that there was risk involved in eliminating meat from a diet, without very firm reason as to why.

This, unfortunately, is not a ton of help to me, since I am not a vegan or a vegetarian.  But it’s food for thought.


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