Chirashi Bowls

I discovered chirashi bowls when I was in none other than New Zealand!  The salmon from Mt. Cook is super fresh and delicious, so it’s not totally random.  In fact, this Catalina company sells this New Zealand salmon to folks everywhere via their website for a hefty price per pound.  What?  I know.

Today I made a chirashi bowl, and I’m pretty proud of myself, even though it was not perfect, it tasted pretty good and was satisfying!  I was happy while eating it, which, for my own food, is what I call a success.

So here’s what I had in my chirashi:

Sushi Rice — For one “cup” of  dry rice, cooked to who knows how much in quantity, for dear and I.  Folks recommend short grain rice, but I only had long grain so I used that.  After it was done cooking, I mixed in about a tablespoon of brown sugar, and rice vinegar that I accidentally splashed a lot of so who knows how much I put in, and some salt.  Tasted it, seemed okay!  In the bowl it went.  I would have loved to have done her recipe, but I didn’t have the ingredients.

Zucchini and yellow squash — Had some that was on its way out, so I sautéed this with salt, pepper, and put green onion and some parsley on top.  I found out that either I cut the yellow squash thinner or it cooks faster than the zucchini.  So I ended up with some browned yellow squash and crunchy zucchini.  Hm..

Salmon — The Japanese market Mitsuwa has sashimi grade salmon, $5 for a little portion for me and dear.

Albacore Tuna — Japanese market again!  Also on sale 😀 The texture was really weird when I cut it up, but anyway, still tasted good.

Ponzu sauce — I marinated (which to me is fancy for.. stirring sauce with meat) the fish inside ponzu sauce.  I chose a more expensive bottle today at the Japanese market.  Normally for a lot of things when I shop, I pick the cheapest option, but I really like ponzu sauce so I wanted a good one.  The one I picked is Marukan ponzu sauce, which was $5 as opposed to Kikoman’s which was around $3.  When I opened the bottle I could already smell the yumminess!

Avocado — I had a half leftover in the fridge from who knows when!  Still was good.  Hoorah!  Perfect.  Added slices to the bowls.

Tamago — recipe from here.  It’s basically an egg pancake.  Also, I didn’t have the dashi, so I used a little leftover beef broth instead, and brown sugar instead of white sugar.  I also put a large pinch of salt, which was too much salt.  Whoops.

Green onions — happened to have some left in fridge.  Glad I was able to save them from dying.  I cut up some to add as garnish on top.

All in all, I was pretty satisfied with my meal, and it took only about an hour to make!  I only wish the Japanese market was closer, but if I’m in the area again, I will definitely try this again.


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