Sick people in the house, Asian-style.

So the sick person in my house requested Jiu Niang because I decided I wanted to go to Ranch 99 for a cornish hen.  I wanted to get a cornish hen because I wanted all the parts of the chicken (or hen?) for soup!  Because supposedly there are healing things in there.  Anyway, apparently jiu niang is something that makes him feel better too.  It’s one of the foods of my childhood that I’m not a fan of.  Fermented rice soup.  My memories of it involve Mommy telling me to drink it, and me being like, this tastes funny, and her being like, it’s good for you.  Oh wait, that applies to a lot of other things I ate too.

Yes this post has all kinds of errors in it, but I’ll edit later!  Gotta run to get some chicken bones!


Here is my end result!


I don’t know what it tastes like because Sickie is asleep still.  I’m scared to try it.  I also put way too much fermented rice for the amount of water, compared to all the recipes I saw online, so I just hope it still tastes okay, and that I don’t accidentally intoxicate my spouse.  Those bits and pieces are osthmanthus flowers, not bugs, by the way, in case you were wondering (because I was).



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