Asian Tilapia Search

Last week I baked tilapia with salt and pepper.  Needless to say, I was so disappointed.  It came out dry and meh.  I was short of ingredients so that’s what I did, and I didn’t feel like doing an egg and panko mixture because the dipping gets messy.  A quick google search usually gives me results that are more along the lines of parsley and lemon in taste.  While I like lemons a lot a lot, I am too cheap to buy them because Hubby’s parents have a lemon tree.  However it’s been awhile since we’ve visited, so we’re all out.  I guess it’s an excuse to go back to visit my in-laws.  Just kidding if they ever see this!  We are not just visiting you for your lemons!

When I was young I remember my mom would make tilapia, and it would be so delicious!  I vaguely remember her or Grandma saying “tang cu yu”, so I tried to google it and found something that may or may not fit the bill.  But it doesn’t look quite like what I was thinking of.  So I kept looking for some sort of Chinese fish dish that involves sugar and wine.  This one here looks really legit though, but too much work, haha.  And then there’s this, hmmmmm.  But what makes that Chinese fish different from this Hangzhou fish?  Or this Hongshao Yu?  I think a talk with Grandma is due.


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