Marley Spoon Day 1

I’m too lazy to write reviews about food subscription boxes.  Plus I rave about all of them.  The only downside is they are expensive, albeit for what you get, I think worth it.  However, the price still deters me from doing any in a regular way.

It’s been awhile since I have tried a new box, since the market seemed to have died down a bit.  However, recently I noticed some new names on my Facebook feed.  It looks like folks don’t think the market is too crowded after all!

Today I made Cumin Spiced Lamb Noodles:


Check out all those chiles.  I left most of them out.

So this is supposed to take 30 minutes.  Cooking time did take me approximately 30 minutes, but it was kind of a rushed 30 minutes for me.  While the lamb and pappardelle are cooking, you’re supposed to be breaking them up with a spoon but also picking cilantro leaves and cutting limes into wedges.  Suffice it to say, I didn’t make it to the lime cutting part.  I also added way a tablespoon of oil instead of a teaspoon of oil to cook the lamb. Whoops!  Also, when it got to the spinach part, I realized I hadn’t washed it yet, so I had to wash it real fast and put it in.  That was kind of awkward cause my colander was preoccupied with pasta!  So I grabbed bunches of spinach and just rinsed them.  While all this is happening I’m thinking, “Omg I hope I’m not overcooking this” as the seconds tick by.  With only one minute to reduce liquid, I start to feel a little anxious.  I think overall, the 30 minutes is kind of ambitious for a beginner cook.  I am kind of coming down with something, so it could be why as well.  Maybe I was just working slower than usual.IMG_6805.JPG

Here’s my end result without the garnish and limes.  Too lazy to give you guys a better pic.  Sorry.  Next time.IMG_6804.JPG


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