HomeChef Day 1

I received my HomeChef box today!  First thing I noticed was the weight of the box.  It was heavier than my Marley Spoon box.  When I opened the package, there was a soft insulated wrapping and a lot of ice.  The food was also bagged, and there was no cardboard divider where the meat was, just meat lying between ice packs.  That’s fine with me, but what I did notice was the meat portions seemed smaller than what I had received from Marley Spoon.  Just kidding, I think it was just the packaging. At 9.95 per serving, we’ll see.

Today I’ll be making Chicken Scaloppine with Mustard Cream Sauce.  Yes I had to copy and paste that name.

Here’s the recipe card for those of you who are curious.

Things I like about the recipe card so far —

  1. The note from the chef.  Last time I made meals from Marley Spoon, I felt like I was a little bit left in the dark.  It’s nice having some explanation in the cooking realm.

OK, gotta cook, see you later!


Verdict– Intermediate level is pretty tough for me!  Hubby says it tasted like restaurant quality but it definitely took me a long time to make.  Also, I don’t know if it’s my cast iron pan that is the problem due to residue, but lately all the food boxes are too salty!


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