Pinterest is pretty cool.  Usually, I forget it exists, but every once in awhile I’ll remember it exists and think, why didn’t I check this before?

Lately it’s been a little nerve-wracking for me around these parts.  The future is kind of swirling around in this invisible unknowable cloud that is hanging over me.  That makes no sense, but whatever.  The other day, someone reminded me that I used to write a lot.  But I’m kind of sleepy a lot and multitasking a lot these days.  Now my blog is a kind of clipboard of sorts.

So here goes.  Today I was grumpy and not very ready to eat dinner, so we ended up having egg and tomato and some other random food we found in our fridge– an avocado, some soup that grandma gave us that was frozen, leftover salad.  Meal planning still escapes me, ugh.  I think it’s because it seems like whenever I plan something, it ends up being more elaborate and tiring than I wish it were. Hubby keeps telling me that it doesn’t have to be complicated, but I  insist that it always is.  Today, someone randomly asked me if I was a good cook.  I said no, but I was learning.  Boy, why didn’t I major in this in college?

So here’s a few things I want to make this week (maybe),1176



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