Go to Spaghetti

Our go-to for those dinners when you didn’t quite prep but you’re hungry and want a one plate meal is spaghetti.  I try a lot of different spaghetti sauces, because Sprouts usually has various ones on sale.  I have found that the more expensive ones tend to taste better.  However, I also found that Costco sells an organic spaghetti sauce that actually tastes pretty good!  I also found that if I add to store-bought spaghetti sauce, I can make a pretty good tasting spaghetti.  There are a lot of tips on the Internet, and I find myself looking them up every single time.  So I’m going to document what I do this time.

  1. Saute(?) ground turkey until it is browned.  Drain and set aside.
  2. Add whatever aromatics I have to the pan.  Usually this is garlic, and sometimes onion if I have any around.
  3. Add whatever hard veggies I have.  This could be zucchini, carrots, or broccoli.  Today, I didn’t have any to add at this point.  Softer veggies (kale, spinach) go at the end.
  4. Add something alcoholic.  I usually don’t have red wine sitting around, but I do have rice wine.  It seems to do the deglazing trick just the same, and tastes like alcohol to me, so I add a splash of it to the pan.
  5. Add the sauce and meat back in.
  6. Add some spices.  I have dried basil and oregano in my cabinets.  I have some everyday seasoning.  Hmm.  Sure, why not.
  7. By this time, the pasta is probably done.  Add some of the pasta water to the sauce mixture.
  8. Add some sugar.  I only have brown sugar.  It’s going in.
  9. I have some whole milk in the fridge.  I add a little.  Usually I don’t have any.
  10. Let simmer.  Write a blog post.  Simmer for as long as I can.
  11. Add kale.  I added a ton (a whole bunch) so it filled up the pan.  Whoops!  Simmer it down.  Mix it in.
  12. Add some butter at the very end.  All done!

Thoughts:   I think I went a little too strong on the oregano.


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