The Asian-American blog search

Pretty happy about finding this girl’s blog!  The mentaiko spaghetti looks delicious!  It reminds me of the uni spaghetti I had in a Japanese-French(?) fusion place that was super yum.  Apparently she was one of the blog winners back in 2015 on Saveur.  There’s a whole list of blogs on there!  Too many blogs, too little time.  There are a lot of Asian American bloggers in her comments section.  Whee!

Seriously, I don’t know why I only talk about food in my blog these days.  Maybe because this blog never really seemed conducive to a *journal*.  Ugh.  Maybe because ever since I graduated from college, I realized my personal life could potentially mix with my professional life, and that wouldn’t be so good.  Whatever the reason, this blog is my giant clipboard of sorts, I guess.

I also found some non-Asian-American food bloggers that also look GLAMorous.  UGH.  Seriously, how is everyone so glamorous?


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