Grilled Cheese

Question of the day– Why is grilled cheese so delicious, yet so simple?  So I’m actually boiling some chicken pot pie ravioli from Trader Joe’s (TJs, I owe you one!), but I think I might just make myself a grilled cheese sandwich for a snack today, just because.

Is it a sign that I’m a grownup that I get excited when the Tuesday grocery ads come so I can plan what groceries I’m going to buy?  Also, grapes are in season and 88cents a pound at Sprouts!  Now normally I’m not a huge fan of grapes, but since it’s the season, I think I might venture out and try them again.



3 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese”

  1. Ugh grocery shopping is such a chore for me now that I live downtown in Chicago and I’m back in school. I want groceries to magically appear in my fridge

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