The Joy, Marie Kondo, part etc

When I was a child, I used to collect price tags, the pretty ones.  I remember I had a green tankini bathing suit that had a particularly shiny blue tag.  I snipped it off my bathing suit and put it into my drawers.  There it was, for years.  When I would come home from college, my mom would ask me to clean, to get rid of some things, and I wouldn’t want to.

I also used to collect water bottles.  I don’t mean that I actually actively collected them, but they would collect in my college room.  Half full of water.  Promising liquid health to a future dehydrated person.  Never fulfilling its duty.  There they sat, growing more and more stale with the days.  And yet I felt too guilty to throw them away.  Call it guilt or call it a mild form of OCD.  I’m happy to say I no longer collect water bottles.

Upon finishing Marie Kondo’s book, I was able to tackle my clothing piles.  I got rid of a bag of clothing that I never wore.  My closet finally had space for everything.  I felt accomplished.  But it still seems really wasteful to donate useful things away or throw them away.  Does it really bring joy into your life?  I wasn’t sure.  I’m still not sure.  After all, if the Lord Jesus is real joy, exactly how much joy could decluttering bring?  Some, but I suspected it wouldn’t be enough to be life-changing.  Now as I sit in the living room, surrounded by books, I feel like I need to start to tackle my book piles.  Today someone asked me about a particular book on the shelf.  One that I have divided feelings towards. If I start to tackle my pile, I may revisit it.  Oh boy, what a project.


3 thoughts on “The Joy, Marie Kondo, part etc”

  1. Aw I know what you mean about questioning how much joy discarding brings. I have a hard time parting with clothes and books, but moving into a smaller place forced me to

  2. I think adult life is full of things that need time and space- eventually, the only things that remain are the most important. Like babies. And their clothes. And their things.

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