Teaching Piano

Whew!  Right when I start thinking it’s pretty easy, it starts getting hard again.  Things that come naturally for some students can be so challenging for others.  Then you find yourself doing twists and turns to try to get them to learn a concept.  I hate making them feel bad, and I want them to know that it’s my job as a teacher to get them to learn!  I hope that I can make that clear to them.  Of course, I need them to practice.  Well, I wonder what I can do.  Even though some days I think it might be pretty cost-effective to start a piano studio someday, it also is really time-consuming, the amount of research I have done and am doing and the resources involved.  I think I like it, but do I have what it takes?   My blog has become a virtual notepad of sorts.

Just some resources for me to look into


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