Teaching Guitar and Piano: Hand Position

Believe it or not, I’m teaching guitar.  The hardest part is the stuff that is most natural to me, which is how to hold the guitar and how to strum it.

So I’ve been scouring the internet..  Look how many words he uses just to teach proper posture and hand positioning!


I’ve also been struggling to explain and pinpoint proper hand positioning for my piano students as well.  Really love Irina’s videos.


Kapok Press: I Can Do It! and Autism

It’s been awhile since I blogged!  I guess I forgot about my little niche on the internet.  I’ve been spending a lot of time on Facebook groups actually, getting advice for my other challenges that I haven’t written about here yet.

My little autistic student is doing very well since I last posted.  I started her in the I Can Do It!  Books, which have huge, color-coded letter names for the notes, and a cut out keyboard that you can put behind the keys, which tells you the names of the notes.  It worked perfectly for my student, and she actually paid attention the book (for once!) and played the notes purposefully!  I was SO proud of her, as was her mother.  It was an emotional moment for us, and made me so glad that we were trying to work with her as much as possible.

In the meantime, I’ll be running off to teach one of my friend’s kids.  She’s a little bit impulsive with playing in my opinion and often gets the intervals wrong as she reads, so I’m going to try Diane Hidy’s notey-noteheads with her and see if that helps her with her reading.  Also both of my students who are from Yamaha tend to bang on the keys a little.  I wonder if it’s just them, because I don’t remember doing that when I was a kid!  I also don’t like loud sounds though.  We’ll see if we can work on that today too.

I’ve also been trying out different expense tracking softwares.  My Music Staff was very cool, but costs money, so I’m still searching.  Currently I’m trying out Wave.  I don’t like that it doesn’t have the calendar option like My Music Staff does, but the invoices it produces are quite pretty and professional-looking.

Dear husband and I will be moving soon, so if I end up with only a couple students at my new location, I’ll be able to manage invoicing with something simple.

Pantry Fridge Leftover Experiments

Hubby is gone for the rest of the week, so somehow I feel a little more adventurous in making disgusting looking food for myself.

Today it is dumplings (for protein), over random pasta, plus zucchini (leftover and cooked in the remaining potsticker juice cause I’m lazy like that and why not), and this olive oil garlic sauce except without the anchovies ha ha which are probably a main ingredient, but whatevs!  Topped it off with panko, because I read the recipe wrong.  Whoops!   🙂  So we have an Italian-Asian fusion going on here.  Cause that’s what I meant to do….  😉  Bon appetit.

Verdict?  It doesn’t taste bad!  I overcooked the zucchini though.  I wouldn’t mind eating this again if I had random ingredients to get rid of.

The end.

21-day Sugar Detox

I’m not into detoxes.  I’m really not.  I lumped them into all the other fads that I heard about growing up.  Atkins, lemon-juice cleanses, the like.  But then the other day I got an email from the Instant Pot group (what?) about the 21-day Sugar Detox!  And it actually intrigued me.  Like, I actually considered doing it.  But first I had to do some research.  Most of what I’ve read so far seems reasonable, not too far-fetched or crazy.  The only thing that is weird is the no fruit thing.  I’m also considering how I want to do this, and maybe even just borrowing the book somehow and planning out my own recipe schedule.  I need a buddy though.  CC said she might do it with me, after the graduation hoopla is over, because you know, wedding coming up.  So I might have a buddy!  I would have asked my hubby, but I feel bad because he’s got a big sweet tooth!  But he might be down.  Mainly, I’m just super bloated lately, so I want to see if this kind of diet would help.  It doesn’t seem too extreme, which floats my boat, and seems logical enough.  Meanwhile, I’ve got sweet potatoes baking in the oven..