Cinnamon, Spice, and Everything Nice

Is not what little girls are made of, but what ants dislike.

Why am I writing about ants?  I don’t know, maybe because I’ve seen too many of them in the last two days.  Maybe because building little ant walls made of cinnamon and garlic is actually a little exciting.  Maybe because I need to get out of my house more except that it’s cold!  Yes, it’s cold.


Scope for the Imagination

I’ve been listening to Anne of Green Gables, the Liverbox (Liverbox?!) recording of it, on my iPhone at work.  It’s a splendid way to pass the time.  It has reminded me that I actually, as much as I try very hard to be sensible, am rather fond of romance in the form of flowery descriptions of nature and Anne’s general undying zest for beautiful things.  My walls are currently white and bare, leaving much room for the imagination!  And my imagination can either imagine lovely things from the bare and empty, or it can imagine horrid things into the real and commonplace.

I am breathing a sigh of relief that the week is over.  JM and I have been planning and planning since last week and I have to say I’m quite pleased with how everything worked out.  There were a few scattered texts and frantic last minute questions, but for the most part, it looks like everyone made it to their destination okay and was fed, hopefully spiritually as well as physically.

Today I finally used the Crock-pot that I procured from Jessica and I am quite pleased with that as well.  Yes, I think I have found a new friend.  Dear me, you mean I can just put everything in and let it sit there on low and not worry about it burning?  Sounds like an ideal sort of cooking to me.  Not to mention I do love tender meat that has been cooking for hours and hours.  Whoever invented it is a genius.

I’ve been too busy to sit down and blog lately, but hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll have more room for thoughts and reflections.  I think whenever I read fiction, I have the urge to write and to dream.  As if I didn’t do that enough.  But, novels!  They do open the eyes to things you have always seen as ordinary and paint them in a lovely light.  I do think I have been squashing my right brain for far too long because I felt so deficient in my left.  But I mustn’t give up what is naturally stronger while I train that which is weak, right?  I think it’s high time I put my right brain to use.  Now, what shall I put on my cork-board?


Variety really is the spice of life it seems.  Okay, not entirely, but I do appreciate variety quite a bit.  However, while singing “God’s kingdom today is a real exercise”, I also appreciated regulation in my living.  As I blog at 11:30pm.  Yes.

New faces today.  Love watching how dynamics change amongst a group and also love when you realize someone has a sense of humor that was hidden all along.  It’s like a mystery that is broken.  Kind of.  Or maybe it’s more like a little fish that jumped out of its fish bowl.  I’m asking, “What are you doing here?  Get back to where you belong..  Wait that was pretty cool, how did you do that?”

N said that her cat catches flies (and then eats them).  Gross, but one more reason why I maybe should get a cat.  E is like “YES.”

I am starting to really like driving, especially when there are other brains in the car.  Sometimes though, the brains are a tiny bit too talkative, and then I’m like, “Yes, I know, the light is green”.  But hey, I admit, it is a legitimate comment.

Our apartment is hot right now.  It’s odd, since the air outside isn’t very warm.  Our air-con is on, but it seems like it isn’t working too well.  Not sure why.  I guess there are some downsides to an old Victorian house after all, but I still really like it here.  Someone will be coming to look at the hole in my window tomorrow, so hopefully we shall get it fixed.

This post is getting to be too mundane, so that’s a call for bedtime for me.

Exhaustion, the busy kind.

I am pooped.  And that, is why I haven’t been blogging on here lately.  Well, that, and I haven’t had proper internet on my laptop for awhile.  Admittedly, I do blog on the Tumblr quite often, but that’s only because of 3G.

I hate writing in complete sentences because it reminds me of work, and I am not used to it anymore.  Plus, I seem to think in ellipses, and if I can’t use them, then, well.

How am I supposed to express myself?!


I found out that I actually really like keeping house.  I KNOW.  That sounds absolutely ridiculous and incredibly boring (just like all the adjectives I’m using), but, seriously.  There is something quite rewarding about finishing the curtains on my windows and finding out that I did them WRONG and doing them again only to find out that there’s yet another way to do them that looks EVEN BETTER.  Thanks IKEA, for not having instructions.  That’s right, some of us do use them.

Once in awhile, I’ll also splurge on a really cute mint green three dollar tray.  Adorbs!  And absolutely pointless at this time.  It’s okay, I know I will find a use for it in the future.  #storyofapackrat

Speaking of uses, I have established a “Mary Poppins Box”, where I put all my random items that have no specific function at the moment but have potential for craft projects.  I’m pretty excited.  Except that I’m often too indecisive for any creative inkling to go anywhere, because, shoot, should I pick red, or green?  Red, or…

And then I toss up my hands in despair– Ahh!  I will do it later.

So Mom comments today about TAKING ACTION over the dinner table as I ate my yummy Peking Duck which is so good that it reminds me that GOD IS REAL.  Evolution obviously did not create this super delicious piece of meat for me to eat.  I mean, duh, right?  Anyway, that aside, Mom was saying that I should just ask a lot of professors if they can write letters of recommendation for me because I won’t be losing anything and the only way I can find out is if I ask.  Brilliant.  I know, it’s obvious, but generally the sheer possibility of failure moves me into a state of inertia (Did you see that?  Moves, inertia, yes, in the same sentence).  Father says I think too much, think too much, and then I get my mind all jumbled up into thought and nothing happens.  This is true as well.  The daunting task of applying to graduate school without complete knowledge of the subject means that I always feel like I cannot make any moves until I have completely and thoroughly researched the topic.  This is how it always is.  I go to the store, and if I’m by myself and therefore will not feel humiliated by my OCD tendencies, I will want to buy something and then hesitate because– how many ounces is it?  Is it worth it?  Is this one cheaper?  Can I buy it cheaper online?  What’s the safest– on and on and on.  It means that I bought my nice, favoritest, camera my freshman year of college– after months of research until I knew digital cameras backwards and forwards.  I know what you’re thinking.  Kill me now.  It also means that when I was in the UK and was looking for a hat (because it’s cold enough that I will give in to wearing a hat), I went into every single store in the city center mall and tried on all the roundish hats.  I found the perfect one eventually.  After like, a day.  And even after I found the perfect one, I had to leave it so I could go into all the other stores to make sure it was really the one I wanted.  This is all fine and dandy when you have all the time in the world, and it’s also great to avoid buyer’s remorse, but with something as vast as the topic of graduate school, the volume of potential information I would have to consume in order to feel like I was making a good decision leaves me, well, reaching for my iPhone in search of respite in the form of Tiny Sheep.

And what I meant to blog about can be summed up in an analogy.

Nice notebook : Good notes :: Cute apartment : Cleanliness

Making home.

While God is making home in my heart, I am slowly but surely making home in my apartment. I’m pretty happy about what we have done with it so far 🙂 I met with H today after a long rest and it felt good catching up and imparting words hopefully of life! It felt reminiscent of UCI days. I almost couldn’t believe it was happening. 🙂 Joy!