Vegan Bowls: Sweet Potato and Chickpea “Buddha Bowl”

This is so good, and I didn’t even do it right.  Next time, I have to do it with the proper tahini sauce (did you guys know that lemon juice and maple syrup together is pretty delish!) and with the broccolini.  MMMMM.

Also, my sweet potatoes definitely needed more time in the oven.  Boo.  So that’s where blogs like this come in.  Diameters, THANK YOU.  I hardly make the same thing twice, much less the same way.  Except mac and cheese.  And dumplings.

Also, I want a rabbit.

Also, more ABC cooks.


“But you’re happier”

she said.  This was after I told her my concerns about not feeling the impulse to write.  I guess the impulse to write a lot of times had been that feeling of sadness, heaviness perhaps, and when that feeling is gone, the impulse leaves as well.  It could also just be paranoia that I’m feeling this way; this could all just be a placebo effect, a product of my keen awareness of the potential side-effects of contentment.

The fact is, I don’t write as much as I used to, and I don’t really know why.  Maybe part of it is the feeling that I don’t know who my audience is, since I rarely receive any feedback these days.  Without feedback, it’s difficult for me to know how I should write.  There is, on one level, the reasoning that this blog is for myself, but ultimately we write because we want to express something to someone– the reader.  Now, without knowing who the reader is, it is difficult to know what to say.  In high school, I remember I had a Xanga.  My high school friends read it and we would all make comments on each other’s blogs.  I would blog about school.  I would blog about the funny things our teachers said.  I would blog about the things we pondered.  I’m not even sure what I would say, but there was always more from where it came from.  Day after day, there existed a house within which my blog lived.  In that house, were all the comments between me and my friends.  I think those were my happy blogging days.

I think I reminisce a lot, partly because I have a revisionist brain.  I remember when I drew a picture of a cat in grade school.  I lost that picture, somewhere in my room, and would sometimes remember it and wonder where it had gone.  I would think about how it was one of my best drawings and how I couldn’t draw like that anymore.  Well I eventually found that picture in a box years later, and thought to myself, “Now why did I think this was so great?”.  Maybe my standards were different then, or maybe my memories were wrong, or maybe both.

Tomorrow I shall start school again.  I am nervous, perhaps more than usual.  As I slide further down the side of my bed, I try to quench the anxiety forming in my stomach.  It will have to be alright.

Is inspiration merely inspiration?

Most of us think of “inspiration” as a positive phrase, but I grew up hearing it with a more negative connotation, that “inspiration”, was only that, inspiration.  A puff of air, and then, no more.

Of course this was within a spiritual context.  Sometimes though, inspiration is just what I need to get going on a project.  Today, it involved talking to dear C who shared with me some food blogs per my request.  This was after she inspired me to eat lunch and cut my grapefruit, a daunting task for someone who doesn’t like to eat grapefruit because of the work involved in peeling it.  I know it sounds bad and lazy, but there it is, I don’t like getting my hands dirty.  So I asked, “Do you know what the best way to cut a grapefruit is?” and C replied that she did not, she did not particularly like grapefruits very much.  So I found an article someone had wrote, with good, clear, photos.  The cutting option proved to look simple enough and would land me with triangular shaped grapefruit pieces that I could eat with a fork alone, so I decided to try it.  It worked pretty nicely, and the only regret I have is that the taste of the skin is still evident when you eat a grapefruit like that.  I’m not entirely sure I will do it again because the slight bitterness tarnishes the sweetness of the grapefruit for me, but when I want to, now I have the option to.  By the way, I love “How-To” guides and videos; they remind me of shows, entertainment pieces.  So pretty pictures, videos, presentation, actually does make a difference to me.  It turns what might appear to be a boring job into something of art, almost.  A triangle here, a cylinder there.  I know I’ve posted some rather negative items lately, ironically in my quest to rediscover certain hobbies, so I’ll leave you with one of C’s recommendations for me, a food blog with particularly pretty photos that I liked: